Finely is the perfect addition to dishes, drinks, desserts or snacks. Dust it, roll it, sprinkle it, mix it, blend it, bake it, shake it…

Here are a few ideas on how to use Finely.

  • Dust Fennel Finely over a salad.
  • Roll goats cheese in Beetroot Finely.
  • Sprinkle Strawberry Finely over crepes.
  • Blend Spinach Finely into your morning juice.
  • Add some Orange Finely to your dressings.
  • Dust some Mushroom Finely over scrambled eggs.
  • Top a Bloody Mary cocktail with Jalapeno Finely.
  • Sprinkle Capsicum onto a pasta dish.
  • Dust Strawberry Finely over your cereal.
  • Roll Spinach Finely into fresh pasta
  • Blend Beetroot Finely into a risotto.
  • Bake Orange Finely into a chocolate cake.
  • Shake Jalapeno Finely over nachos.
  • Mix Mushroom Finely into mashed potatoes.
  • Dust Strawberry Finely around a cocktail glass
  • Blend Fennel Finely into a bread crumb mix.
  • Sprinkle Capsicum Finely over a homemade soup.

Feel free to post your creations at #finelybyfinefettle made by @finefettleflats