Fine powdered fruit and veg for bringing food to life.


Finely is the perfect addition to dishes, drinks, desserts or snacks. Dust it, roll it, sprinkle it, mix it, blend it, bake it, shake it…

There are currently 8 delicious FINELY flavours to experiment with: strawberry, orange, spinach, mushroom, fennel, beetroot, capsicum, jalapeno – with many more to come.

Finely is made from 100% fresh Australian produce, grown and dried in Australia. Absolutely no nasty additives like preservatives or sulphites.

Pure concentrate that packs a real punch and brings your food to life. We air dry fresh produce under 46 degrees Celsius, so Finely is a raw food, loaded with nutrients and flavour.

Click here for some serving suggestions.

Bulk packs of individual flavours to be launched shortly.

For further information or feedback, please drop us a line at or call us on 02 96484492.